ALD Laser Certification Course


The comprehensive ALD laser certification course and hands-on workshop provides candidates with a strong foundational understanding of laser physics, laser‐tissue interaction, and characteristics of various laser wavelengths, clinical case studies, laser safety and regulation.

Join our esteemed speaker, Dr Grace Sun, for a day of enriching yourself with both theory and a hands-on workshop!

Registration Fees (1610 SGD)

  • Part 1 & Part 2: 1200 SGD
  • Part 3 ALD Online Cert. Exam: 410 SGD


Upon successful completion of all 3 parts, you will receive a Standard Level Course certificate, issued by ALD.


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Course Outline:

Part 1: Foundations in Laser Dentistry (Online Digital Learning Platform Self-Paced) – 6 hours

  1. Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Light
  2. Chapter 2: Production of Light
  3. Chapter 3: Laser-Tissue and Laser-Material Interactions
  4. Chapter 4: Clinical Applications in Laser Dentistry
  5. Chapter 5: Laser Safety in Dentistry


Part 2: In-Person Lecture and Hands-On Workshop – 8 hours

  1. This part includes a minimum of 6 hours of didactic device-specific or wavelength(s)- specific training, more than 3 hours of which are devoted to supervised hands-on activities. Includes a review of the laser fundamentals.


Part 3: ALD Dental Laser Standard Level Online Exam – 1 hour

  1. 1-hour timed exam with 75 multiple-choice questions. This is a closed book exam, administered online by the Academy of Laser Dentistry. Participants will have access to this exam after completion of both Parts 1 and 2.


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