Endo Mini Series: Bite-Sized Endo Lectures to Keep You Hungry for More!


Choose from 4 different individual Endo Mini Lectures by our Endodontists and gain a greater insight about root canal treatment planning for your practice.

You can purchase any individual session for $50 or join all 4 sessions at a special price of $170!

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Session 01: Modern approaches to managing a carious pulp exposure


  • Clinical vs histological pulp status
  • Direct pulp capping
  • Partial and full pulpotomies
  • Success rates and recent evidence
  • Clinical cases


Session 02: Doctor, should I keep my cracked tooth?


  • Diagnosis – also mention about referred pain
  • Treatment
  • Prognosis of vital and nonvital cracked teeth
  • Recent evidence
  • Clinical cases


Session 03: The diagnosis and misdiagnosis of endodontic disease


Diagnosis of Endodontic Disease

  • Referred pain
  • How to take angled PAs, and what they can reveal
  • A case-based approach on how CBCT can help with the diagnosis of endodontic disease
  • Lesions of non-endodontic origin: When Endo is the red herring


Session 04: Clinical tips for successful endodontic outcomes


  • Diagnosis
  • Case difficulty assessment
  • Radiographs
  • Access and root canal instrumentation
  • Achieving patency
  • Obturation
  • Recalls and outcome assessment
  • Clinical cases

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